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By gamers, for gamers. Gamerspective – the definitive perspective of gaming.

Gamerspective was founded in August 2013 by Tony Scott. The site launched in September 2013. It is an entirely independent wholly-owned website run by volunteers. Although focused on gaming industry news, announcement, release dates, reviews and much more, the site prides itself on the unique perspective of the writers.

The long-term goal is to be one of the go-to website for all things gaming news, reviews, videos, blogs and features, all written with a personal flair. We aim to form a strong community, where we will invite our readers to interact with us through different means. Our team of writers are mainly based in England, but we have writers from all around the world.

Meet the Team!

Tony Scott, Site Founder

Joined: September 2013

558045_10151341926386493_513495775_nTony Scott is the creator and owner of Gamerspective. As the brain that founded the site, you can usually find him stalking Steam for the latest sales. Tony originally conceived the idea of Gamerspective, enlisted a team and thus it was born. When he’s not gaming, you can usually find him promoting the site or enjoying a cheeky McDonald’s breakfast. With a diverse taste, Tony mainly plays games on his PC and Xbox One. He’s obviously a lover of gaming, football, motor racing and runs a gaming channel called 15minutegamer. You can also find him on Twitter, where he’s usually talkative about the things he loves and geeking out over technology. He also has a bromance with Joe.

Ami Wilson, Site Director

Joined: September 2013

378976_10152659307385442_697605301_n Ami Wilson originally started out as a news writer on the team, but is now the co-administrator of the site along with Tony. She runs a blog called Babbling Blogness that can be found in the features section, occasionally writes up news articles and perhaps the odd video or two. If she’s not constantly talking about the site, you can usually find her replaying Mass Effect, refusing to come off Skyrim or even recording footage for the site’s YouTube channel. When away from the world of gaming, Ami can be immersed in films, TV, music or even writing fantasy. She likes to play games on her PS3, PS4, PS Vita and 3DS. A random fun fact: she can touch her nose with her tongue!

Mark Smith, Podcast Manager

Joined: September 2013

1461676_666707733351636_1393535454_nMark Smith, more commonly known as Marcus among his friends, is one of Gamerspective’s several news writers. He’s an original team member and still going strong. It’s pretty hard to beat this diverse gamer’s passion for gaming when he has a PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PC at his disposal. Mark aspires to become a video games journalist one day, despite the mysterious expression on his face (pictured left). When he’s not writing for the site, you can usually find him watching movies, sprouting nonsense on Twitter or even streaming games on Twitch. Mark is a self-confessed trophy/achievement addict and whore, and could probably talk about games all night.

Sean Scott, News Writer

Joined: September 2013

qvD7WgJDSean Scott is the youngest team member and yet another writer that has been with the site from the very beginning. In no way related to Tony whatsoever, he is a notorious lover of green tea, pugs, RPGs and platformers. You can usually find Sean receiving tips for hints from Twitter or at Eutechnyx, where he’s a QA tester. Whenever he feels miserable, he plays Nintendo games. He’s somewhat of a writing legend at Gamerspective, perhaps taking credit for most of the site’s unique hits. If there was ever one game in the world that should be remade, he would choose Pokemon Yellow. Sean shares the dreams of millions by wanting to be involved within the gaming industry (he’s in there!), but to also create his own game.

Ryan Mills, News Writer

Joined: September 2013

6WhRnl__Ryan Mills is quite the dark horse. Not only does he write for Gamerspective, but also for Zero1Gaming and 24-7Gamer, and even owns a website called Giantgamer. Impressive for the gender that supposedly can’t multi-task! When he’s not gaming, you can usually find him fan boying over something or nothing with the cool kids on Twitter. Here’s a fun fact about him: he’s our most followed writer with more than 3000 followers. Ryan also likes to write, create animations, render images and supports Newcastle United in the Premier League. He fancies a bit of everything when it comes to gaming, owns a PS4 and Xbox One, likes a beer and hails from Plymouth.

Carlie Lugo, Site Editor

Joined: November 2013

Foto Arleska copyCarlie Lugo is currently the only Hispanic writer on the Gamerspective team. Living on a small island like Puerto Rico can get her bored sometimes and that led her to writing articles for the site. There’s no greater Dragon Age addict than Carlie and has romanced Morrigan more times than there are Final Fantasy games. When she isn’t busy having a woman crush on Claudia Black, it’s easy to find Carlie bothering her friends to play Mass Effect 3 online multiplayer or obsessing over Farscape. The part-time bartender also likes a Corona from time to time, basking in the sun that ninety percent of the world never seems to get and loves to read up on spoilers. She became a site editor in July 2014.

 Joe Tunesi, YouTube Content Producer

Joined: December 2013

9eSwQYyJoe Tunesi is our resident London writer, voted Sexiest Accent by the majority of the team. It gets better since he’s an avid PC gamer that spends most of his time on Steam. He likes to record and upload game footage with irresistible commentary. Joe regularly writes a feature called Steam Picks, which he picks out his latest favourite games from Steam (basically what it says on the tin). However, he is still a console lover with a PS3 and Xbox 360, but recently acquired a 3DS and obviously has his PC. When he’s not trying to charm you with the most amazing accent ever, Joe is never far behind on our YouTube channel with new videos and hunting down tasty Coke.

Dawn Wilkins, News/Retro Writer

Joined: February 2014

Gmail picDawn Wilkins is our only (tiny!) Canadian writer and the oldest member of the team, but that doesn’t deter her from being simply awesome. A veteran in the Final Fantasy series, her favourite is undoubtedly the first that features the Warrior of Light (also her favourite protagonist, surprise surprise!). As Gamerspective’s MMO expert, she has tackled on the challenges of The Elder Scrolls Online and likes to remind the kids of the older games that some, if not most, of us missed out on through her articles on the retro section. When pretending she’s not her age, Dawn likes a good glass of wine, spending quality time with her husband and never stops moaning about the snow.

Jeffrey Li, Site Editor

Joined: May 2014

1401945_10151874310429545_1722491613_oJeffrey Li, or more known as “Satsu” to the team, is a news writer from Australia. He likes to cover a bit of everything in the realm of news, and enjoys delving into the crazy world of the videogame industry. A Final Fantasy freak just like Dawn, Jeffrey also enjoys animé and seems to be the only person left on the planet that uses Internet Explorer. Growing up on his brother’s PC and Gameboy games, Jeffrey will play almost anything on any platform given the chance; he enjoys a good talk over the RPG, FPS and fighting game genres and regularly plays games on the PC, Wii and Xbox (along with an oft-neglected PSP when on the go). When he’s not doing all this, it’s probable you can find him on Twitter and YouTube.

Alexander McKeever, News Writer

Joined: June 2014

36924_139042226112675_3401111_nAlexander McKeever – or Lex amongst his friends – is our resident Scotsman and has a passion for the Mass Effect series that almost cannot be rivalled (especially when we’re talking mShenko!). He is also a fan of the Final Fantasy series, in which you can recently find him playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. But that’s not all: Lex loves – and loathes – his Grey’s Anatomy, is the site director of The Lifestream (an affiliate of Gamerspective) and sometimes tweets about random stuff. A little known fact: he is consistently on the top (or near enough) of the Rayman Legends leaderboards. Lex is also a regular – and experienced – participant in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer sessions the team has.

Wakeen Kimble, News Writer

Joined: June 2014

l_103d0609a5e24aa6a32f09cd00ef28efWakeen Kimble, or just Kimble as the team knows him as, has been an avid gamer since the age of six. When he’s not too busy geeking out over Golden Axe or dreaming about becoming the next big superhero, you can usually find him right here on the site. Kimble likes a good old gaming challenge such as regularly playing insanity mode on any Mass Effect or just Dark Souls II. His favourite tactics include stealth and assassination as opposed to run and gun. He also grew up on arcade games and will steal anything not nailed down in any game. For instance, he has stolen everything in the entire game of Skyrim! Talk about dedication. Kimble is also a part of the supposed PC master race.

Barry Rhodes, News Writer

Joined: July 2014

Profile-Portrait-ResizedBarry Rhodes – or Baz if you’re feeling really cheeky – will stop and boast about his super uber powerful PC that once had 960 frames a second. And as you can probably tell, he’s part of that PC master race everyone seems to be going on about nowadays. He’s a lifelong fan of Final Fantasy, much to the delight of the majority of the team, and has a passion for Dota. You can either usually find Barry levelling up in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn or fanboying over Doctor Who. He has a very surreal sense of humour, an eclectic taste in music and used to tank heroic raids in World of Warcraft. And as you can probably tell by now, Barry’s main platform for gaming is PC.


Stuart Shortland, News Writer

Joined: September 2014

10154489_1491891941059422_8338125351834907992_nStuart is originally from London, but now lives in north-west England. As an avid Loot Crate and Nerd Block collector amongst many things, he is the only parent on the team! A gamer since the early 1990’s, you can usually find Stuart playing the latest shooter or racing game. However, that’s not to say he hasn’t dabbled in various genres. This avid gamer is proud to say he’s played almost every console out there, but still yearns for a gaming PC. It’s painfully obvious he’s a PlayStation fan boy and you’d be having a hard time convincing him to switch sides. Like all of us geeks out there, some of his other interests include comics, sports and getting stuck in his car on the motorway.

Special thanks to everyone who has previously written and contributed their time for Gamerspective!

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