Arkham Knight’s Gamescom Updates

Gamescom was a relatively quiet affair for Rocksteady’s. No big announcement was made or new trailer was shown for Batman: Arkham Knight. However, Rocksteady did release quite a few new screenshots for the game.

Thanks to the latest issue of GamesTM, we’re also getting new details about Arkham Knight’s story, villains and more.

Game Director Sefton Hill spoke a little bit about returning villain Scarecrow, who hasn’t been seen since Batman: Arkham Asylum. When he was being attacked by Killer Croc in the Arkham Asylum sewers:

He has always been one of our favourite characters at Rocksteady, so while it was tempting to bring him back for Batman Arkham City, we decided to give him a game off and bring him back with a vengeance for Batman Arkham Knight. The Scarecrow is a fascinating character to write for. He challenges Batman in unique ways and knows how to use one of the Dark Knight’s own weapons just as well as he does. Scarecrow’s new role suits him perfectly as he becomes the puppet master for the events that unfold over the course of Batman Arkham Knight. We spend a huge amount of time working out ways to keep players on the edge of their seat, and the Scarecrow himself is a master of fear and misdirection.

Hill also spoke about their version of Gotham and the Batmobile in the game:

Our version of Gotham is teeming with life. While it has been evacuated, it has been completely occupied by the gangs of Gotham and the Arkham Knight’s militia army. There are also many more of Gotham’s most wanted who have crawled out of the woodwork in this coordinated attack to bring the Batman to his knees. For us, that means creating an environment that’s fun to navigate in all of the ways that Batman uses to get around: grappling and gliding over the skyline, running over rooftops, brawling through the alleyways or tearing through the streets in the Batmobile. Gameplay always comes first for us, so for the first time we have set the game in the heart of Gotham City, which is perfect for Batman to show off all of his abilities. Batman and the Batmobile enhance each other’s abilities in a wide range of ways, and they interact in a way that makes the Batmobile feel like another playable character. It’s a totally iconic vehicle, but it’s also Batman’s most powerful and versatile tool.

The new screenshots display Batman and the Batmobile in action:


Batman: Arkham Knight is set to be released in the first quarter of 2015 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.