Awesome Guide Using Balloon Clash Royale Battle

Hi guys, due to rising giant combo + balloon in “clash Royale”, people using balloons very much these days. But, I have also seen a lot of players using balloons the wrong way, so, Yes, we hope you will find this Guide helpful!

The ultimate guide clash Royal balloon

Balloon summary

The strengths :

  • Flying ability: Balloon can’t be easily countered by Goblins, mini P.E.K.K.A, etc, like other tankers.
  • Targeting: a balloon can be easily pulled into the middle like the other ones. Can be placed in the very corner of defensive buildings in the Centre exceeded in many cases.
  • Damage: it’s perfect damage-per-hit.
  • Death damages: at death, it drops a bomb which can easily finish off supports nearby.

Weaknesses :

  • Speed: speed of the balloon is medium, not like hog rider, mini P.E.K.K.A, etc. Opponents will have enough time to plan these counters. However, some of the deck, you can easily increase by putting “baby Dragon” behind.
  • HP: as a tanker, HP is outclassed in HP by most other tankers. But, I usually think of it as a damage dealer, not tanker.

How to make the most of Balloon.

To show you how to use a balloon, I’d like to give you this deck and show you how it works. This is easier.

This Balloon deck doesn’t require any high level cards and Balloon is the only Epic. In addition, because I talked about these cards a lot before so I will make the Cards Breakdown section below simple.

Cards Breakdown

Baloon deck

Baloon deck

  • Balloon – yes we are talking about the balloon till this obvious choice.
  • Giant – it can soak the damage and protect the balloon while it is getting to opponent’s Tower.
  • Valkyrie – Tanky and has good splash damage. She will help you deal with lots of distractions and swarms
  • Archers – Good damage and cannot be 1 hit by Zapp.
  • Minions – Very versatile and can be used in many situations.
  • Arrows – This will help you deal with Minion Horde, swarms and Princess.
  • Barbarians – the clear choice. These guys are very useful, and can be placed in almost any deck.
  • Elixir collector : you can replace it with a cannon if you have problems with the “hog rider”. If you don’t have any, bomber is great choice! All in all, Elixir Collector is still the best choice If you want to push further with this deck

General Gameplan.

The main idea while using this deck is getting the balloon to opponent’s tower and chip it away. Below are some variations of pushes you will want to use:

full Push : If done properly, this push can easily destroy a Tower. In addition, because this push takes lots of Elixir so you will want to do it in the x2 Elixir time, depending on how much pressure you are being placed on.

  • Put the giant behind your King Tower. Because this takes lots of Elixir, you will need to have enough elixir to build giant before you reach the bridge.
  • In addition to supporting troops behind the protection of the giant, to prevent opponent small troops from chipping him away. It can be either archers or minions. If your opponent doesn’t have air troops, Valkyrie would be nice (play her behind your Giant).
  • Just remember, let your giant to cross the river first, Otherwise opponent buildings will target your support troops.
  • If you have enough Elixir, play your balloon right behind your giant. Opponent troops can’t kill your Giant because he has enough HP to soak damage while your supports behind are dealing damage. And the Balloon will be totally safe!
  • Get your Arrows ready because your opponent will usually over-commit and play lots of troops at the same time.

Giant + Balloon : Play the Giant right on the bridge and followed by Balloon, make sure your Arrows is ready. This combo is deadly If your opponent doesn’t have air defense in hand (bad opening hands at the beginning). Ideally, launch this combo after placing your Elixir Collector.

Balloon + Valkyrie : play balloon right behind Valkyrie you are taking the elixir advantage. Your balloon will get 1-2 hits but still can devastate the Tower.

Giant + archers : cheap but very effective, especially after defense with Archers.

Balloon Placement

We all want the giant to soak all damage so we need to send him in the first. The balloon must be behind the giant but it will be taken down quickly. Your opponents will always take down the balloon first because it definetly does more damage than the giant. Really it is very hard to pick up the balloon correctly because:

giant balloon combo

giant balloon combo

  • Giant has a larger footprint than Balloon. It completely covers the perimeter of balloon.
  • Sine the Balloon is walking on the ground and the Balloon is flying, it is very hard to tell whether Giant or Balloon is exposed. A wrong move can make the Tower destroyed.

Direct Counters

Likely opponents will try to use some of the following strategies to stop your attack:

  • Minion Horde : Minion Horde destroys a Balloon in just 3 hits so If your combo played well, throw your Arrows and get the positive Elixir trade.
  • Playing Building : this largely ineffective if the Giant can’t be killed before the balloon get there, as your balloon can destroy most buildings only in 1 hit. The exception should be Bomb Tower and you will need the help from your Minions.
  • Musketeer – If your opponent Musketeer can hit your Balloon, it will not make it to the Tower. So, you will want to place your combo correctly.
  • Musketeer – again, it is about placement. If you let your opponent lock on to the balloon it will not make it to the tower. If it locks on to the giant, his tower is likely going down.


These are some popular matchups we face everyday!

Giant Push : drop the barbarians (or goblins) out of the opponent’s support troops attack range, then place your Valkyrie right on top of those supports. Valkyrie is enough to deal with Wizard, Bomber, Witch, Spear Goblins, Archers,…

Hut Decks : If your opponent places a Barbarian Hut down, immediately play everything you have on the other lane. He will not have enough Elixir to counter things properly. Most of the time, you can take down the first Tower easily, then, play defensively. Otherwise, play defensively and wait for the opportunity.

Double Prince Decks : Use Barbarians to soak damage then use either Archers or Valkyrie to take them out.

Hog Rider : Place Barbarians right in front of your Tower. If played well, the Hog Rider will even not able to hit it. If you don’t use Elixir Collector, Cannon is always an obvious choice for this!

P.E.K.K.A Push : Pull the P.E.K.K.A to the middle first then use Valkyrie to deal with supports behind her. Barbarians would be enough to take her out.

Poison Breakdown – Barbarians are your best choice as they acn withstand the lifespan of the Poison.

Okay guy so that’s everything I want to share with you today. Hopefully you have found this guide helpful.

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