Call of Duty Ghosts requires a huge 49GB install on PS4

a Twitter user who works in the retail chain GAME in Spain, has uploaded the cover of Call of Duty Ghosts (albeit in Spanish), whils tthe usual cover images and information are there, one part is ratehr alarming, a 49GB install. 49GB?! That’s roughly ten percent of the PS4’s Hard Drive space gone. If this is the norm of next gen, then installs are going to be a rather large problem.

However since the PS4 has a very high transfer rate of data, this may or may not be an issue, and Installs don’t take too long (and we’ve also heard from Thief developer that installs are done in the background whilst you are playing) they may not be that big of an issue. But just to be certain, i’m off to buy a cheap hard drive for my PS4.