A Closer Look at Wolfenstein: The New Order’s 5GB Day One Patch – Leaderboards and Bug Fixes

Several days ago, rumours began to surface that there would be a patch (more than 7 gigabytes in size) required for Wolfenstein: The New Order in order to be playable on eighth-generation consoles, prompting clarification by a Bethesda employee on forum NeoGAF.

Twitter user Mark DeSanto tweeted that his Playstation 4 copy of the game had a “day-one 5GB patch”. Shortly after, CraveOnline gaming editor Jonathan Leack replied with news that “the Xbox One version is 7.3GB”.

Following this, a number of tweets were also made by Twitter user Jan Olsen, claiming “neither version is playable with[out] the day one patch”. DeSanto noted, however, that the change notes included “text, bug, gameplay, checkpoint & audio fixes” and said that the game was “probably” playable without it.

Nevertheless, this sparked a series of retweets and intense discussion on a rumour thread started on NeoGAF. It lead to a number of posts by Bethesda’s Lead Community Manager Matt Grandstaff (aka gstaff), refuting the claims that Wolfenstein: The New Order was unplayable without the Day One patch. He cited a Polaris livestream for the game he participated in several days prior:

I can tell you that I’ve played the game on my PS4 and Xbox One without having a retail patch installed at home, and showing the game during a livestream as early as Tuesday, the game was not installing a day 1 patch.

Further clarifying the install process, Grandstaff then confirmed that a 5 gigabyte system update for the game was indeed available, but was required mostly for ‘network features’, which in this case was only for the optional leaderboard system:

Once your game has installed enough data from the disc to become playable (should take only 2-3 minutes), you’re able to load up the game. With the available title update, it now informs you that the title update is required for network features. As Wolfenstein: The New Order is predominantly a single player experience (the only online component is the game’s leaderboard), you can absolutely skip this process and begin playing the game start to finish. If you’re not connected to a network, you won’t even receive the title update info.

If you do accept the title update, it’s 4964 mb. It’ll download in the background while you play, but as noted, you won’t be able to access the single player leaderboards until it completes.

Bethesda’s Global Director of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines, replied to an enquiry about the issue, claiming the unplayability rumour was “utter nonsense”:

Nonetheless, these events come only a few weeks after the Bethesda Blog released a list of hefty system requirements. In particular, these included 47GBs of hard disk space for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions, as well as 50GBs of hard disk space, 64-bit versions of Windows 7 or 8 and Intel Core i7 (or equivalent AMD) CPUs for the PC version. By accounts, the digital download versions of Wolfenstein: The New Order contain updated files and do not require patching. However, it does again bring into focus the taxing hard disk and internet bandwidth capacity requirements of eighth-generation gaming.

Wolfenstein: The New Order will be available May 20 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.