Fantasy Life releasing September in Europe

Nintendo has unveiled the release date for Fantasy Life.

The 3DS role-playing game, which is in development at the Professor Layton studio Level 5, will release in European territories on 26 September. Nintendo also detailed the game’s Link mode, which is described as an “online communication tool”.

After visiting the game’s Guild Office in the town of Castele, Link Mode will let users exchange messages and tips during gameplay. It also contains a notification setting to communicate achievements and congratulate friends.

Link mode is backed up by a traditional co-op multiplayer experience, both locally and online. It will include an Exchange Box, which will allow users to swap items. In the meantime, players encountered over StreetPass will show up as citizens of Reveria in-game.

An option to capture and share screenshots using the pause button will also be available.

Fantasy Life lets players swap character classes at almost any time to gain access to a host of new abilities.

The game is also scheduled to be released in North America on October 24.