Ami’s Top 5 Nays at Eurogamer Expo 2013

As fun as going to the expo has been, some fun has been sucked out by a few disappointments at Eurogamer this year. It’s true when you realise not everyone is going to like the same games. Let’s face it; there are very few games in the world that will be perfect and polished. In this part of the roundup, I’m going to be detailing my not-so favourite games of this year’s expo.

5. Kinect Sports Rivals (Xbox One)


Let’s just erase the fact I’m not a fan of the Xbox just for one second, ok?

Instead, I’m thinking of all the fans that are and all I remember is the fact they don’t like Kinect being forced onto them. With that in mind, I can’t blame them. I’d be seething with rage too if Playstation Move was being imposed on my PS3. Not that I despise the hardware, I just like to choose what I want for my console, thank you very much. And yet at the same time, I’m not entirely convinced by what Microsoft has to offer with this game.

Being able to play sports against your friends (or foes) is something that should be appreciated. Or at least the fact you get to play with them on co-op, or online. That’s been a major breakthrough over the past ten years or so. Call me cynical, but I’m not overly impressed by the Kinect itself in the game.

Yes, it may seem amazing you can ride the jet ski yourself by embracing the appropriate position. But I’m more of a traditional gamer, who likes their controller and doesn’t have to worry about how I should stand (or if I pass wind while in that awkward stance). This may suit some people, but I’m not entirely won over.

4. Warframe (PS4)


And to think that I waited over an hour in the queue to play this. Thank God that I chose the latest Assassin’s Creed as my second game; otherwise I’d be completely wasting my time.

From the outside looking in, this one seemed pretty interesting. From the long headbands that Japanese warriors wear (I’m not entirely sure what they’re called, feel free to criticise and correct me!), I was led into the ulterior idea that this was a fighting game. Well, I wasn’t wrong. But then I was sort of wrong at the same time, too.

I was thrust into a multiplayer game (there were so many of these at the expo) with two other people and we had a mission to do. We had to survive oncoming waves of soldiers. Seems pretty simple, no? It transpired that my character was the magic-y kind. I’m not all for waving my magic wand around. I’m a warrior, I’m meant to be on the frontline! The controls were slightly confusing, too. That was, until a member of the team pointed me in the wrong direction. But eh, I was still a bit muddled …

Unfortunately, it didn’t blow me away. It seemed like a future version of a generic Call of Duty game (I’m really not dissing the franchise, it’s the best comparison I could think of!) with magic and futuristic weapons. There didn’t seem to be any sort of story behind these multiplayer instances and I may as well avoid this one if that’s all it might be.

3. Fable Anniversary (Xbox 360)


Honestly, it really pains me to deliver this one into the category.

This game had so much praise from Xbox fans that I only wanted to get a 360 just for this game and maybe Gears of War. So how on earth did it end up as a nay? It’s quite simple, actually.

For a remake, the game looks like it could’ve stayed on the Xbox or PS2. I’m not the biggest fan of the graphics, so to say. When I first came on the demo, there was no guidance whatsoever and I found myself running around the woods randomly striking unfriendly targets. It took quite a few minutes for a member of the game’s team to come and direct me in the right place.

The demo showcases you, the main character, breaking into a bandit camp to rescue a few prisoners. Everything about it screamed generic for me personally, but it’s an RPG. And as that’s my favourite genre of game, I had to give it a go.

But unfortunately, it didn’t captivate me as much as I expected it to.

2. Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)


This is the first entry of the Battlefield series I’ve played and it just wasn’t for me.

I’m not anti-shooters if that’s what you’re thinking. The likes of Uncharted have invaded my gaming life. Ok, so perhaps that’s a third-person shooter and yet I have to hold my hands up: I’m not accustomed to first-person shooters. However, saying that, I just couldn’t get into it. There’s no way I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t notch up a single kill during my taster of the multiplayer.

It was just too fast for me. There were far too many players – sixteen versus sixteen! – and I couldn’t fit in amongst them all. This is sad, but there isn’t a lot I can write about this game. Unfortunately, it’s one of those that I queued up for and wasted my time with.

And now I’m willing to admit that Call of Duty actually DOES look better.

1. Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One)


At this point, I have to note something. Even though the vast majority of games here are Xbox, it has to be said that they are also available on different platforms. The new entry in the Wolfenstein series is one of them. Published by Bethesda, the geniuses behind the likes of Skyrim, could you blame me for being excited? Fair enough, first-person shooters aren’t my thing as I said before. But I was willing to give this one a go.

The worst scenario to begin with is being thrown in the middle of a mission and having no idea what the hell you’re doing. Controls are an issue again, one that’s incredibly frustrating for me. There was really no sense of direction, either. There weren’t any help messages to guide me on the way. Instead, I had to rely on the help of a Bethesda team member or myself. It was normally the latter. However, it wasn’t just me. Most of the players at the time kept looking at each other’s screens, trying to make sense of this puzzling game.

Without doing any research, all I could gather was that you had to fight the Nazis. This hardly came as a surprise, considering the first name of the title.

Everything looked futuristic, I thought maybe this was an alternate future where the Nazis won (turns out I was right, can you believe that?) and the main character was someone trying to stop them by infiltrating a base?

This was the one game I walked away from and instantly despised it. My mind went from perhaps pre-ordering it to utterly taking a U-turn. My impressions just only iterate my thoughts of demos: they’re essential to avoid disappointment at purchase.