Killzone: Shadowfall At Eurogamer Expo 2013

Sony had an impressive amount of games on display at there stand at this years Expo, up coming games such as Knack and Drive Club were available to play for those who spent the hour or so queuing up.

Killzone: Shadowfall was perhaps the highlight of Sony’s stand, after queuing up just to get into their stage area, it was another hour of queuing just to play the game! It was worth it in the end though, Killzone Shadow fall will be one of the exclusive PlayStation 4 games launched alongside the console and left our tongues wagging after they showed off gameplay during the February reveal.

Whilst I was hoping to experience some of the story at the expo, it was the first time we go to experience the multiplayer. It’s gameplay was similar to the multiplayer in Killzone 3 however only one game mode was available to play during the entire expo, this mode was a mixture of both Search and Destroy and Domination game types all rolled into one across 3 rounds, with the winner being decided by who won 2 out of 3 of them.

Before we could begin the match we first had to select what loadout or class we were going to use in battle, Killzone multiplayer allowed for a choice of 3 loadouts, Scout, Assault and Support each with their own default weapon slot and 3 custom slots for you to choose from. The weapons for each class are pretty much self-explanatory, Assault classes had the choice of an automatic rifle, Support included a sub machine gun whilst scout had a rifle intended for long-range.

Round 1 was the first search and destroy match, one team was on the offence and had to destroy 2 targets located in different locations of the map. The map, known only as the wall, was an extensive area which resembled an old building blown up, players could battle on top of the rubble or duke it out in the corridors that were still standing. After the first search and destroy round was over the second round began immediately, the second round was the domination game type, again points were located across the map, your had to fight your way through enemy players and hold all points for as long as possible. Once that round was finished the final search and destroy round took place, this time the roles were switched, if you were on the defensive team at first you were now tasked with destroying the objectives.

Unlike most round based modes, when each round was finished, the game didn’t reset, you didn’t return back to your spawn. The game continues as if nothing happens just like it would in a real life situation. this meant you had to adjust intuitively, especially if at one point your on the offensive attacking the objective then all of a sudden you have to defend the objective. If you’re not paying attention it will cost you and your team the round and possibly the whole game.

I wish that there was more to be offered from Killzone: Shadowfall during the expo than just the one multiplayer map. Once you’ve played one multiplayer you’ve played them all and in this case, Shadowfall wasn’t all that different from its predecessor Killzone 3 and any other online first person shooter for that matter. I’m excited for this game but not for the multiplayer, I’m looking forward to the story. it’s what made this game fantastic since the original on PlayStation 2 and all of it iterations here after. The multiplayer is fun and enjoyable to play but if you’re looking for a game solely for the multiplayer experience then stick with Call of Duty or Battlefield.