Football Manager 2016: Juventus 3-5-2 Tactic

Football manager 2016 strategy – Football Manager 2016 Juventus tactic that will get you on your winning ways, same as it did to Juventus in Serie A and almost earned them quarter-finals of the Champions League.

After a really long time of tweaking and working on this tactic, and not just with Juventus, it is finally time to show it to the Football Manager world and share it with you. I personally am more than satisfied with this tactic and hope you find it great as well.

Juventus 3-5-2 FM16 Tactic

formasi juventus fm 2016


I’m presenting you with a plug&play tactic that you need only to download, add it to your game and let your team to get used to it so you could start winning. Unfortunately, mine Juve save of 7 years got corrupted so I won’t be able to show you all the glory I got with this tactic, but 4 Champion Leagues, 7 Serie A titles, and many other trophies made me the icon of the club and introduced me in the hall of fame.

This is high pressing, possession orientated, patient, controlling tactic that has a great defensive score and solid attacking potential. You will dominate in possession in EVERY game, no matter if you’re playing home or away. You will not concede many goals, or no goals at all!

Once your players get fluid with the tactic, you can expect to dominate each and every game, fact!

Player Roles

  • Goalkeeper: Goalkeeper / Defend
  • Defender Left: Full Back / Automatic (special instructions, available for download)
  • Left Central Defender: Central Defender / Ball Playing – Defend
  • Right Central Defender: Central Defender / Ball Playing – Defend
  • Centre Central Defender: Central Defender / Cover
  • Defender Right: Full Back / Automatic (special instructions, available for download)
  • Defensive Midfielder Centre: Regista/Deep Lying Midfielder / Support
  • Midfielder Centre Left: Roaming Playmaker/Advanced Playmaker / Support
  • Midfielder Centre Right: Ball Winning Midfielder/Box-to-Box / Support
  • Striker Centre Left: Complete Forward/Target Man/Deep Lying Forward / Support
  • Striker Centre Right: Poacher/Trequartista / Attack

juventus player instructions

juventus player instructions

Tactics Overview

  • Mentality: Control
  • Team Shape: Very Fluid

Team Instructions (13):

DEFENCE : Tempo – Higher, Time Wasting – Fairly Rarely, Width – Wide, Defensive Line – Higher, Closing Down – Much More, Prevent Short GK Distribution, Tackling – Get Stuck In

BUILD-UP : Passing – Play Out of Defence, Passing Directness – Mixed

ATTACK : Final Third – Look for Overlap/Work Ball Into Box, Whipped Crosses, Dribbling – Run at Defence, Freedom of Movement – Roam from Position

juventus team instructions

Team Training Pre-season

  • General Training : Main Focus / Tactical, Intensity Level / High
  • Match Preparation : Main Focus / Teamwork
  • Scheduling : 30% of time at training ground is spent on match preparation / Allow rest after match
  • Team Training During-season
  • General Training: Main Focus / Balanced, Intensity Level / Average
  • Match Preparation : Main Focus / Attacking Movement
  • Scheduling : 50% of time at training ground is spent on match preparation / Allow rest before/after match

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