GAME Shipping PS4 and Xbox One versions of Call of Duty Ghosts on November 5th

Today UK video game retailer GAME announced that when Call of Duty: Ghosts launches this November it will be shipping both the current generation versions of the game (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) and the next generation versions (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) as well.

Those who have pre ordered the game received this e-mail today:

“The worldwide launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts takes place on the 5th of November. Following very close work with Activision, we wanted to let you know we will be shipping both current-gen AND next-gen versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts to our pre-order customers for the worldwide launch on the 5th of November. So as you have preordered Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One or PS4, you can expect your copy to arrive at launch!”

It is unclear at the moment if this offer will be included for those who have ordered their copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts in store or if it is exclusively available for those who preordered their copy online.