Gamescom: The games that got us excited!

This year, Gamescom has been nothing short of amazing, with both next generation consoles now just months away, it was time for developers to show what games we can expect to for the next generation. Here are some trailers of the up coming games that we are most looking forward to getting our hands on later in the year and into 2014!

1. Thief – New Dawn

The fourth installment of the thief series. Master Thief Garrett returns home, to a city where the poor are suffering from plague and poor living, whereas the rich continue to prosper, it is this prosperity that Garrett intends to take full advantage of.

2. Battlefield 4

Battlefield is becoming more and more popular, with huge maps, a whole assortment of new weapons and kill streaks could this be the year Battlefield 4 knocks Call of Duty of the top spot for best First Person Shooter?

3. Watch Dogs

Perhaps the most anticipated next generation game, Set in a Chicago Illinois, Hacker Aidan Pierce is able to acquire information and anyone and hack into any electronic device, which will aid him in assassinating a man wrongly acquitted of murder.

4. The Division

Another surprise from Ubisoft, The Division is a completely open world game in which you and a group of friends explore New York City as part of a group named “Strategic Homeland Division” to do what ever it takes to save whatever they can from a world torn apart by disease.

5. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

This may not be everyone’s pick of the crop, but Lightning Returns, concludes the trilogy which began with Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning and many other characters return in this installment in which Lightning only has 13 days to save the world from complete destruction.

6. Infamous: Second Son

Lastly, Infamous got a new story trailer, which shows Delsin Rowe’s ability as a conduit, the ability in question allows Delsin to absorb the abilities of other conduits and then uses these abilities to fight back against the organisation hunting him and others like him down.