A new Burnout could be in development?




This may just be a passing comment, but Cliff Bleszinski tweeted ‘Forza and Gran Turismo are cool but I must confess Burnout will always have my heart.’, to which Alexander Ward (Creative Director of Criterion Games), tweeted back ‘Amen to that Brother Cliffy!!! Burnout will return..’. Obviously this isn’t any confirmation that a Burnout is in development, but it could be wishful thinking by the Creative Director.

Given by the success of older Burnout titles like Burnout Paradise (which is brilliant) However earlier this year, a vast amount of employees were moved tot he new EA studio ‘Ghost Games’ to continue with the Need For Speed franchise, and only a few employees are left at Criterion. So who would make a new Burnout game? Ghosts or another studio? Whatever the case I do hope for a new Burnout.