Pyrion Flax DOTA 2 charity stream raises over £14,000

A DOTA 2 livestream has eclipsed its original target by more than 600%, raising over £14,000 (over $23,000) for Cancer Research UK.
The stream, which started at 10am GMT on Saturday 16th August, ran for over 27 hours, finishing early in the afternoon of the following day. Pyrion Flax, a London-based DOTA 2 player and announcer who recently made his semi-pro debut playing for the catchily-named team “Venomancer? I hardly knew her”, set up the stream with the goal of raising £2,000 for charity, but the Flaxulence (Pyrion’s name for his fan base) rose to the occasion magnificently, with some individual donations reaching as high as £500.

Flax, real name Edward Forsyth, decided to Stream to raise funds for Cancer Research early last week, and given the relatively short notice is delighted with the outcome. He has also expressed a desire to make this an annual event. He was joined in the stream by various famous names from the DOTA 2 community and other well-known players of the game, including Kevin “Purge” Godec, Synderen from DotaCinema and Lewis “Xephos” Brindley of the Yogscast, and also chose players from the list of donors to join games with him.


A typical scene from a DOTA 2 teamfight. Yes, there really is this much stuff going on.

Games varied wildly, with Pyrion Flax occasionally picking characters he is known for playing such as Wraith King and Axe, to going for full-on gimmick teams; one game featured Team Flax playing a side entirely comprised of bears; Ursa, Lone Druid (who has a bear companion and can turn into a man-bear hybrid) Brewmaster, Earthshaker and Spirit Breaker (who is technically a space cow but was the closest available thing to a fifth bear at this point). Despite having a terrible team composition, Team Flax was able to secure the win.

The donations poured in thick and fast, and the original target of £2,000 was obliterated within a few hours. So surprised was Pyrion Flax that, as a stretch reward for further donations, he promised to wear his wife’s clothes while streaming (with a facecam as proof). The viewers duly delivered, and “Bon-Bon Le Flax” made ‘her’ appearance, donning a black dress, fake boobs, lipstick and a blonde wig. It was truly a sight to behold.

The donation page is still active for anybody that wants to donate to the cause, and can be found here.