Walkthrough God of War II part 1

god of war 2

Walkthrough – Atlantis

The first enemies you’ll face after the opening cut scene will be rather easy. If you’re new to God of War, “square” is how you quick attack, “triangle” is heavy attack, “circle” when near an enemy is grab, and X is jump. Get to know the Plume of Prometheus Combo (“square” “square” “triangle”) and easily take out the first set of bad guys. Go to the door and hit “circle” to open it. Inside the ship awaits a few more easy targets. Once they’re taken out, grab the GREEN ORBS on the right side of the room to refill your health. Before heading through the door that’s up the stairs, go to the left to find a half broken closet door. Break it down to find a chest with RED ORBS. Continue up the stairs and through the door to get the next cut scene.

After you see your buddies devoured by the sea monster, you’ll learn how to Evade (while holding L + R, use the analog nub to roll). This fight is geared toward teaching you to master this technique. As you fight off the small spider-like enemies, the sea monster will lunge at you. When you see it coil back, prepare to roll out of the way using Evade. Attack the part of the monster that is wrapped around the ship to advance. When the second tentacle releases the ship, you will have only a moment to pass. Carefully time it so you can safely roll underneath.

Fight off a few more spider creatures while continuing to Evade the sea monster. Jump attack the creature until you see a big “circle” above the creatures head. Run over and press — you guessed it — “circle” to initiate the mini game.

Walkthrough – Scylla

This beast will finally reveal his ugly mug and try to intimidate you, but you’re Kratos and he’s rather simple to defeat, who’s he kidding? His moves are simple — a tentacle attack that takes three swipes at you, and a claw smash. Each move is easily recognizable, and easily defended. As soon as you see his head go back, hold L to block. To defend the tentacle attack, simply hold L the entire time. To defend the claw smash, either roll out of the way or parry his attack by timing the block. Inflict enough damage to his head and you’ll pass this stage of the boss battle.

When he changes sides, he brings his spider friends with him and switches up his attack method. From this angle, he’ll try to bite you. Take out the spider enemies first by performing the grab attack (“circle”) — you will enter an animated sequence where Kratos will rip the thing in half. Luckily, when you’re engaged in this move you become invincible. Take advantage of this and eliminate each spider creature before turning back to Scylla, who is apparently much quicker from this side of the rock. Defending against him from this angle is the same, though — hold L whenever he enters into his attack mode and you’ll be safe. The frequency in which he attacks is much faster here, so you won’t be able to cause as much damage between his attacks, so have patience.

After Scylla throws even more spider creatures at you he’ll swim back to his original position, and he’ll revert to his original attack method. Prioritize grabbing the spider creatures again, before going after the beast. Once he goes down, double jump to get to the crane wheel, and rapidly press “circle” to activate the mini game. Once the sequence starts, pay close attention to quick time event button prompts. Hit them in time and Scylla will run away.

Gorgon Eye

Jump back onto the ledge with the crane wheel, then jump again to the ledge above that. Head to the left and you’ll see a chest with RED ORBS. Go back around to the right side and jump onto the ledge. Open the chest directly in front of you to get your first GORGON EYE (1/15).

Jump onto the rope and take a ride down for a quick swim. Hold and release R to dash directly in front of you. You’ll break through an underwater door and see a chest that contains RED ORBS. Swim to the surface and jump to shore. You can save your progress in the swirling light.

After saving, jump onto the brick wall to the right, then again onto the ledge. Continue to move around the corner until you can drop down onto the ledge. Climb a few more ledges until enemies jump down at you. After a quick scuffle replenish your health by opening the chest with GREEN ORBS. Directly next to the chest is a wall you’ll need to break down in order to advance. Continue through the newly formed hole in the wall, and walk down the hall until you’re greeted by a new enemy. Use the Grapple Point by pressing and holding “circle” to attach to it and swing from it, respectively. Jump down onto the platform and face the Minotaur that awaits you.

Scylla, the sea monster, will make another quick appearance to remind you that you still need to kill him. All you need to do to get rid of him, for now, is rapidly press L+R when he grabs you. He knows what’s best though, so he’ll run away again, leaving you alone with the Minotaur. This guy is an intelligent yet slow enemy, so strategize carefully. He will block all of your attacks if you approach him from the front, so wait for him to attack and roll around to get a clean shot from behind. Some other bad guys will quickly join the party, so be defensive until the numbers are more favorable. When you’ve hurt the Minotaur enough, a “circle” will appear over his head. Run up and rapidly press “circle” to finish him off.

To the right is a lever, walk over to it and grab it by holding “circle”. Pull it back with the analog nub to open the gate. Jump onto the ledge on the wall and follow it all the way around the corner, past the newly opened door. Climb up to find two treasure chests full of RED ORBS. Drop down and climb back around to the door.

Walk through the entry way and take a left. Head down the hallway and take down the next batch of enemies. Once you’ve finished them off climb the wall in front of you. Make sure to grab the GREEN ORBS before climbing the next wall. When you get to the ledge, climb to the left and jump onto the next platform to get your next cut scene.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the blade-throwing bad guys, make sure to hold L to block the blades when you see them coming. Run down and take them out. Head around the left side of the building, and you’ll find the second GORGON EYE (2/15). Open the gate in front of the building, and pull out the block by holding “circle” and moving the analog nub. Pull the block all the way to the right, and use it to jump onto the wall. Open the chest with RED ORBS and jump back down.

Push the block down the path you took to get there, and onto the floor trigger. Once in place, the water to the left will stop falling, revealing a grapple point on the ceiling. Before using the grapple point, jump down into the water and open the chest with RED ORBS. Swim back to the wall you just jumped from and climb up. This time, swing across to the other ledge and prepare for a quick fight. After you’ve defeated all the enemies, grab the GREEN ORBS from the chest.

Continue down the stairs and follow the path to the part of the wall that you can climb on. Slide down the wall by holding L. When you get to the bottom, head to the left to collect the RED ORBS from two hidden chests. Run back around and head through the open door, into the Temple of Thanatos.

Start moving towards the screen, but make a quick left to collect the RED ORBS from the chest. Continue around the path, but turn down the middle walkway and press “circle” to get some information about the temple. Walk back to the path and continue to the right, until you get to a save point.

Walkthrough – Death Gate & City of Atlantis

Death Gate

After you save your game, enter the doorway to the right. When you get to the end of the hallway, kick down the door. You’ll be inside of a circular room, with a lever on the far wall. Pull it to ascend to the top. A few enemies will jump down looking for a fight, take them out. When you get to the top, head to the right and follow the water into the City of Atlantis.

City of Atlantis

Slide down the side the steep pathway and press X when prompted, to jump across. Claim your GREEN ORBS and go up the stairs to the right. A large Cyclops will run onto the platform, and won’t look happy. He’s not that hard to kill because he moves so slowly, but if he gets a hold of you he’ll cause massive amounts of damage. Avoid this by rolling behind him when he starts his attack. You’ll have time to perform a few combos in between his attacks, because he’s just that slow, so try to get as many shots in as you can. When prompted, approach the Cyclops and press CIRCLE to activate the mini game. You’ll need to do this a few times before he dies.

A couple enemies will jump over the edges, onto your platform. Clear the area and the gate will drop back down, allowing you to pass. Run down the far set of stairs and open the chest with RED ORBS in it. Go back up the stairs. This time run up the middle set of stairs, into the Temple.

When you get inside, make a right. You should see a large statue of Poseidon. Run up to the statue and kick it out of the way. It turns out that the statue was covering a secret passage way. Drop down into the hole and swim to the left. Jump out of the next hole and open two chests containing RED ORBS. Drop back through the hole, this time swim all the way to the far right side. Jump out of the third hole and continue down the hallway. Open the chest with GREEN ORBS, to the left, before opening the door ahead.

When you get outside, you’ll be greeted by a few bad guys. Finish them off and head to the right. Run and jump your way across the bridge, as it falls apart. Make sure to save your game and open the chest with GREEN ORBS before progressing up the steep incline.

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