Walkthrough God of War II part 3

god of war 2

Walkthrough – Chasm of Solace

Drop down when you get to the other side, kill the Harpies, and then jump onto the wooden structure to take on the archers. When they’re all dead, open the chest full of RED ORBS. Drop back down and enter the cave ahead.

When prompted, press CIRCLE to use the grapple point, and swing yourself across. Climb up the wall and pull yourself up to the top. Turn around and jump to the wooden platform. Open the hidden chest to receive the tenth PHOENIX FEATHER (10/15). Jump to the right and enter the next cave. Open the chest of rotatingGREENor BLUE ORBS, if needed, and continue to the next fight.

Here you will encounter your first Dredge of Boreas.

Enemy Profile: They attack Kratos by moving quickly, and swiping at him with their massive claws. Another power the Dredge of Boreas has is the ability to spit an icy mist at Kratos, which can freeze him entirely in place if it hits. The only way to harm a Dredge of Boreas is for Kratos to first activate Theras Bane and slice into its icy hide while doing so. The fire of Thera’s Bane will penetrate the icy flesh, causing pieces of it to break off. Beware, however, that as the pieces are removed, they will transform into Boreas Spawn (see below). Once he has stripped it of its icy armor, and has weakened it, Kratos can kill a Dredge of Boreas by grabbing on and repeatedly

Stategy: This guy is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of his pattern. When directly in front of him, double jump (rolling does not work well all the time). double jump out of his way like crazy and spam Square+Square+ and Triangle.

After the beast has been slain, head down the path. If you didn’t open the previous chest, however, now would be a good time to do so. Break down the barricade and grab onto the crate ahead. Before pushing the crate across the bridge, take care of the archers ( L1+ O ,and then pressing circle to launch him to another archer works particularly well.)  Open the two chests, to the right, for GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS.

Push the crate to the wooden platform, and use it to climb up. Jump to the rope and zip to the other side. Climb up the wall and over to the left. Break the wood that’s covering the opening by using Thera’s Bane, then pull yourself inside. Keep using Thera’s Bane on the frozen statue to the right. When the ice breaks, and the enemy is reanimated, you guessed it — use Thera’s Bane to break his armor, and destroy him, taking the Automation Gear.

Climb back down the wall, to the wooden platform. Destroy the wood that’s covering the opening here, and climb through. Use the newly acquired Automation Gear to open the gate to the left. Climb the wall yet again, and head towards the opened gate. Drop down to open the two chests with GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS, if needed, and save your progress. Turn around and open the hidden chest, in the lower right corner for the twelfth GORGON EYE (12/15).

Jump into the water hole, and FIRST swimm towards the screen for a chest of RED ORBS. Then swimm up the current. Latch onto the grapple point when you’re close enough, and pull yourself closer by rotating the analog nub. Wait for the spinning wheel to show the opening and swim through it. Pass the obvious path to the surface and swim into the hole on the far right side to find a chest of RED ORBS.

Swim to the surface and head down the tunnel. Drop down into the next area and kill all of the mini-clones and Harpies. Open the chest with rotatingGREENor BLUE ORBS and keep moving down the path. Cross the bridge, and make a right. Continue all the way to find a hidden chest of RED ORBS. Head back past the two chests of GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS, and continue up the trail.

Walkthrough – Aroania Pass

Erinys is one feisty vixen that’s extremely fast, and even likes to bring friends to the party. She can be a bit annoying, so be ready at all times to parry her dashes. If you get the timing down, though, you should be able to parry them with no trouble. As soon as you see her coil back, press L to block. When the Harpies are summoned, simply press CIRCLE to rip them apart. She can’t resist your magic, so use it when you need to.

When you’ve dealt enough damage, and the large CIRCLE is above her head, press it to rip off one of her wings. Since she has two wings, you’ll obviously need to do this twice. After the second time, she’ll transform into a large bird and will fly away. When prompted, press the appropriate button to catch her as she flies by. Rotate the analog nub to reel her in for a damaging blow.

After she flies away again, she’ll double back and take out the platform you’re standing on. Get ready for a few more button prompts. Slide down the ramp, jump to the next one, then jump again and press CIRCLE to grab hold of her. Erinys will take you high in the air, and let go of you, leaving you to fall to your death. Hold X to catch up to her. When you get close enough a button prompt will appear on screen. Press CIRCLE to grab hold of her, and attack as much as you can before you’re thrown off. Do this a few times, until you drive her into the ground.

When you get back to earth, it’s time to finish her off for good. Block her attacks as you approach her, and when you’re close enough, press CIRCLE to start the mini game. Press the appropriate buttons, as prompted, to kill her and take the Scourge of Erinys.

Test out your newly acquired power on the next set of enemies. Feel free to spam Left on the D-Pad, because for this short battle, you have unlimited magic. When the fun is over, head down the path, open the chests with the eighth MINOTAUR HORN (8/15) and the thirteenth GORGON EYE (13/15), and save your game.

Walkthrough – Sparta

This is one of the most unique sections of any God of War game so far, so enjoy it. Walk around, open some chests with RED ORBS, listen people praise you, and if you’re of age, enjoy some play time in The Brothel. Go back into the brothel three times to unlock APHRODITE’S AMBROSIA (Check out the Relics of the Gods section for more).

NOTE — You do not have to play the sex mini-game. If orgies aren’t your thing, simply walk past the whores standing outside of the brothel.

When you climb the stairs and see two boys running to the left, Kratos will have a flashback. Have fun fighting your little brother, and after he falls, learn of your past. Walk through the gate and save your progress, then climb down the ladder.


Open the two chests, with GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS, if you need to, and run down the hall. Pull the lever to open the gate, and then kill the enemies that rush you. Break down the wooden door to the left, to find a hidden chest with RED ORBS.


Head down the corridor to the right and open this gate as well. After The Dissenter escapes, manually open the door by rapidly pressing CIRCLE. Break down the wooden door, to the left, to find another hidden chest. This one contains the ninth MINOTAUR HORN (9/15). Head into the cell the Dissenter escaped from and break down the wall in front of you for a chest of RED ORBS.

Continue to the right, and head down the next corridor. If you need health, at the end of the hall is a chest of GREEN ORBS. Climb the ladder to the right and jump onto the platform. Run towards the camera for two chests of RED ORBS, then turn around and open the next gate.

Kill all the enemies in the next room, wait for the gate to open ahead, and walk through it. Open the chests of GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS and continue down the path, and into the next area.

After you get locked in the room, the Piraeus Lion will come roaring out, and this guy might be the most problematic enemy you’ve faced thus far. He will make a lot of noise, which will stun Kratos, and he takes big swipes at you. As always, roll out of the way to avoid damage. Use Thera’s Bane to add a little extra damage to your attacks, and don’t hesitate to use magic. Initiate the mini-game, when available and finish him off.

Follow The Dissenter, and make him pay for locking you in there. Pick up his dead body and walk through the hallway. Drop his body onto the square trigger on the ground, between the two chests of RED ORBS, then climb the ladder.

Walkthrough – Mounts of Laconia

Before you open the two chests containing GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS, to the left is the fourteenth GORGON EYE (14/15) then proceed down the path. A pack of hounds will be waiting for you around the bend. When they’re dead, jump up the ledge ahead, and save your game. Use the grapple point to swing across to the other side.

Open the chest of RED ORBS around the corner, and use the next grapple point to progress. Climb up the wall, and pull yourself up. Jump onto the rope and climb across the gap. Jump from one rope to the other, and drop down when you get to the other side. Open the chest of RED ORBS ahead.

Hug the wall and inch your way forward, until you can’t go any further. Drop down, grabbing onto the ledge, and continue to climb to the right. When you can’t go any further again, climb back up and keep going. Once you get above the opening, drop down, and while in mid-air, press CIRCLE to use the grapple point and swing through the door.

Walk through the hallway and take out the group of enemies in the next room. After the fight, open the chest ofGREENor BLUE ORBS, then head down the path to the right. Use the grapple point to swing onto the wall, but before you climb up, drop down and claim your RED ORBS.

Climb up the wall and head to the right, to find another hidden chest, this one with the eleventh PHOENIX FEATHER (11/15). Climb back onto the wall and climb all the way to the left. Take out the baddies on the way. Jump across the waterfall and climb to the top. Break down the half-broken wall and walk down the hallway. Kill the enemies and open the two chests of RED ORBS. Jump up to grab and slide down the rope back to where you just came from. Jump onto the second rope, to the right, and climb across the gap. Climb up the wall ahead, and save your game when you get to the top.

Walkthrough – Temple of Ares & Mount of Aroania

Temple of Ares

Walk up the path, past the fallen statue of Ares, and up to the door. After it talks to you, open it and go inside. Take the ramp that leads past the next statue of the former God of War, and open the chests containing the fifteenth GORGON EYE (15/15) and the twelfth PHOENIX FEATHER (12/15), on either side of the room. Your health meter should be increased. Walk down either side to get to the next cut scene.

In this battle, your younger self will attack you. Quickly hit the correct button, when prompted, to throw young Kratos at the mirror across the room. Do this four times, throwing him against all sections of the mirror. When it’s fully shattered, you’ll rush young Kratos and reveal The Skull of Keres.

Exit the temple the same way you entered it. When you get outside, follow the path around and open the chest of RED ORBS. Continue down the path until your soldier will give you the Arms of Sparta. Test out your new gear in the upcoming battle, however, you do not have unlimited magic this time around.

When you’re allowed to, continue down the path, grabbing GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS, and saving your progress. Cross the bridge while holding up your shield, to protect from incoming arrows. Kill the archers and open the chest with the tenth MINOTAUR HORN (10/15). Your fire meter should be increased. Head into the cave, go through the tunnel, and pull the lever to raise the platform.

Mounts of Aroania

Take the path to the left, and open the two chests with GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS. Kill the archers and Harpies in order to cross the bridge up ahead. Use the Arms of Sparta to knock down the bridge above, and climb it to get to the next set of chests. Open the chest of GREEN ORBS, the chest with the eleventh MINOTAUR HORN (11/15), as well as the one with the thirteenth PHOENIX FEATHER (13/15).

Climb onto the wooden platform, and pull the lever to raise it to the next level. There won’t be much room to fight this next enemy on the small bridge, by keep rolling out of the way and don’t stop attacking. Use all the tricks you’ve learned to pass. After he’s down, cross the bridge and save your progress.

Keep moving through the tunnel, and when you get to the large gap, hug the wall and inch your way to the other side. Open the two chests, with RED ORBS andGREENor BLUE ORBS, and keep progressing, onto the bridge. Use your spear to take out the archers across the gap before jumping across. Run to the next side of the bridge and use the grapple point to swing across. Run through the tunnel, and use your shield to protect you as you walk through the hazardous weather ahead.

Walkthrough – Shrine of Boreas & Canyons of Sorrow

Shrine of Boreas

Fight through the wind, and head up the icy slope until you reach the end. Press CIRCLE to break down the barrier and stop the bad weather. Pick up the Horn of Boreas and enjoy the unlimited magic for the ensuing battle. Walk into the Shrine ahead, and around the corner, open the chest with the twelfth MINOTAUR HORN (12/15) and the chest of RED ORBS. Continue outside and save your game.


Head down the path, into the next area, and kill the next batch of enemies. Open the two chests of GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS before continuing on. Drop off the ledge near the torch and slide down. Jump when necessary, and press CIRCLE to use the grapple point and swing onto the next slope.

When you get to the ground, fight off the group of enemies using a mixture of magic, and the spear. The archers can easily be taken out with your spear, but you’ll need a bit of room in order to pull this off, so use the Scourge of Erinys to help tie up the guys on the ground first.

Open the rotating chest ofGREENor BLUE ORBS, then head down the tunnel. If you need health, open the chest of GREEN ORBS ahead, then break the barricade to the right. Jump onto the newly created ledge and head to the right to find the thirteenth MINOTAUR HORN (13/15).

Move back to the left and jump up to the next ledge. Walk to the ledge near the torch, in the corner, and jump up to find two hidden chests of RED ORBS. Continue to the left and grab ahold of the next available ledge. Jump to the ledge to the left and pull yourself up.

Follow the golden marks down the path and jump across the lava. Climb up the ladder to the left and open the chest of RED ORBS. Walk across the wooden planks and open the half-broken door. Inside the room, turn the switch until the gate on the far end of the area is open.

Head back out and hug the wall to the left, near the spiders. After pulling them apart, jump to the next platform for a semi-hidden chest containing the fourteenth PHOENIX FEATHER (14/15). Jump back across and head through the gate that will slam behind you.

Walkthrough – River of Lament

Throw your spear at the blinking red pillars to the right to lower the ceiling a bit, then press CIRCLE and rotate the analog nub to pull down the ceiling even more. Climb the wall to the left and traverse the ceiling to the other side. Pick up THE KINGS RING (Check out the Relics of the Gods section for more) on the golden lava, and then to the right towards the screen, open the chest of RED ORBS.

Follow the golden trail into the next hallway, but before climbing up to save your game, follow the bend to the right. Open two hidden chests of RED ORBS, then head back. Climb up the ledges and open the chest containing ​RED ORBS and BLUE ORBS. Save your game and continue to the rope ahead.

Slide down the rope about half way, until you can see the ledge slightly in view on the left side of the screen. Face to the left and jump onto the ledge to find another hidden chest with the fifteenth and final PHOENIX FEATHER (15/15).

Drop down to the ground floor and use your spear to take care of all the archers that are shooting at you. When they’re all dead, turn the wheel to open the gate, and walk through it. Kill the enemies that are waiting for you, and grab the BLUE ORBS in the corner. Head down the path to the right, jump over the steam of lava and open the chest of RED ORBS.

After you see the golden Cyclops and the golden chest that you can’t open , (IMPORTANT NOTICE: here you will find a the 3rd and last chapter related trophy. Simply approach the chest and leave circle pressed for about a minute and surely it will pop) jump down off the ledge and kill the enemies in the area below. Open the two chests of GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS, and then jump across the lava to get to the platform with a semi-hidden chest containing the fourteenth MINOTAUR HORN (14/15).

Head back in the direction you came from, then take the higher ground, to the right. Jump onto the rope and slide down to the next area. To the right is a chest with RED ORBS. Head to the left and start climbing up the rope. Pass the first opening and climb up to the next one. Jump off and turn the corner to find a chest with EXTRA RED ORBS, if you have already collected all of the GORGON EYES.

Slide back down the rope, this time taking the first opening you saw. Run down the tunnel, and across the sinking platforms. Approach King Midas and press the appropriate buttons when prompted. Carry him down the tunnel until the hounds attack you. Kill them off and repeat a few times.

Once he’s dead, jump out onto the golden path of lava, to the right, and open the hidden chest of RED ORBS. Climb the golden wall to the top, open the two chests of RED ORBS andGREENor BLUE ORBS, then save your progress.

Continue through the tunnel and open the chest of RED ORBS on the way outside. When you get outside, destroy the group of enemies near the gate. Open the chest of GREEN ORBS, if you need to. Break down the gate and you’ll find a chest with either RED ORBS or a PHOENIX FEATHER inside if you happened to miss one earlier.

Head back around to the left and climb the ladder. Continue up the stairs and destroy all of the enemies in the area. Open the chest with rotatingGREENor BLUE ORBS, then climb up to where the archers were and open the chest of RED ORBS.

Hop down and follow the path down the stairs, to the left. Open the chest of RED ORBS and then break down the gate to the building. Use your spear to take out the archers, and then traverse the beams to the other side. About halfway across the beams, jump attack the wall to the right, revealing a hidden chest with MIXED ORBS. Open the gate at the end of the hall and save your game.

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