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god of war 2

Walkthrough – Port of Atlantis & The Vortex

Port of Atlantis

Head towards the screen and open the two chests of RED ORBS on the right. Turn around and take the path to the left. Attack the chain and prepare for a few Cyclops’ and Harpies to come out. Kill them, and open the chest at the far end of the area.

Enter the tower and break the other chain, in front of Kratos to drop the platform. Run directly at the screen until you see the hidden chest with the fifteenth and final MINOTAUR HORN (15/15) inside. Follow the path to the left to meet a few more enemies. Take them out and open the chests with GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS. Spin the wheel to lower the bridge and cross it to set sail.

The Vortex

The battle that takes place on the ship is an epic one, indeed. Nearly every smaller enemy type will take their turn attacking you. Don’t forget what you’ve learned throughout the whole game, this is merely an accumulative final exam, of sorts. Roll out of the way constantly, grab the harpies in mid-air, use magic when you’re in a jam, and be patient. It might seem overwhelming, but it’s not that difficult if you stick to the strategies that got you this far. Halfway through the battle, things will pick up a bit though. Poseidon will add lightning strikes to the madness. Again — if you don’t stay in the same spot, and you use magic at the right times, you’ll be fine. If you run out of magic, and can manage to open it, there is a chest of BLUE ORBS on the right side of the deck.

Walkthrough – Sunken Atlantis

Save your progress and open the chests with GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS. Jump into the water and swim up the path. Let the current take you into the next room. Swim towards the surface and dash towards the upper gate on the left side. Swim down, through the hole, and into the lower gated area to claim two chests full of RED ORBS.

Swim back through the hole, and cross the face of the creepy statue, heading towards the right. Follow the tunnel to the next chest of RED ORBS ahead. Stay the course until you get to the surface. Walk through the crowd, and go down the hall.

When you see the grapple point above electric water, use it to sling yourself onto the wall. Climb up until you can safely drop to the right side. Jump towards the camera to find three hidden treasure chests. Two of them are full of RED ORBS and the other, if you’ve already collected what was originally inside, contains MIXED ORBS.

Jump back across and continue down the hallway. Take care of the enemy that carries the boulder on his back, as well as the other bad guys that attack you in the circular room. Head down the hallway and you’ll be greeted by more enemies. Kill them and keep moving forward. Climb up the wall, open the two chests with GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS, and make sure to save your game. This is the final stretch.

Break through the bricks to the left to find two chests containing more MIXED ORBS and a chest with EXTRA RED ORBS or a PHOENIX FEATHER provided you haven’t collected 15 yet. Beware — if you break down the next set of bricks, an enemy will jump out at you. Head back past the save point and down the hall, to the right.

Drop into the water and head down the path. Break through the gate to open the chest of RED ORBS, and then swim towards the surface. Pull the lever on the right side, and then pull the lever on the left. Dash through the opened gate and use the grapple point to reel yourself in. Break through the next gate and swim to the surface.

Head down the hall, and use the grapple points to swing to the lever. Rotate in around and the platform will rise. On the ride up, enemies will spawn and try to knock you off the platform. Play king of the hill and push everybody off first.

When you get to the top, take the bridge to the chests of GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS. Turn right after the gate locks behind you, and follow the path to get to the next cut scene with Athena. Head through the hallway and save your game.

Walkthrough – Nexus of Atlantis

Fight off the enemies in the next area. When they’re dead, use Thera’s Bane to damage the pillars to the left. When they’re ready to fall, approach the middle pillar and rapidly press CIRCLE to push all three of them over the edge.

Climb up the newly available wall and jump over the waterfall. Drop down to the other side and walk to the grapple point. Swing around the statue to get to the other side. Open the chest and climb down the wall. Enter the circular area and kill the enemies. Use the strategies explained before when fighting the Medusa.

Climb up the wall to the left and use the grapple point to swing to the other side of the statue. Open the chests with GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS, and then save your progress. Open the door and go inside.

Head down the corridor, fight the enemies in the circular room, and keep heading down the path. Climb the stairs and enter the next room. Open the three chests for RED ORBS,GREENor BLUE ORBS, and MIXED ORBS (unless you are missing a collectible). Cross the bridge and rapidly press CIRCLE to spin the wheel beneath the bright blue light.

Go back the same way you came in, and fight off more enemies in the circular room. Keep backtracking through the hallway, and open the door at the end. Use the grapple point to swing to the other side of the statue, and climb the wall to the next level up.

Walk to the end of the hallway and take the GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS if you need them. Move into the room to the right and climb the wall down through the hole. Climb the ceiling along the path and then climb down the wall.

Throw a few spears at Lanaeus and he’ll fall into the water. Climb back up the wall and ceiling into the room with the Automation Gear. Eliminate the frozen bad guy and jump to the platform on the right. Take GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS if you need them, and keep moving through the hallway.

Climb the stairs and handle the next group of enemies that attempts to stop you. Insert the Automation Gear into the space under the blue light and run back across the bridge. When a new bridge opens up, to the left, take it.

Swim all the way down to the floor and open the two chests of RED ORBS. Swim back up a little and head down the tunnel. Use the shadow on the floor to help you get as close as possible to the slamming trap. Time it so as soon as it opens, you’re already dashing through. If you time it right, you should be able dash two times and then reel yourself in when the CIRCLE prompt appears.

Push off the grapple point and swim into the next tunnel. Let yourself get caught in the current, and prepare to press CIRCLE as soon as the prompt appears. Reel yourself in to avoid getting smashed, again. Dash into the next tunnel and grab the RED ORBS. It looks like a dead end, but you can smash through it to get to the other side.

Swim to the surface and take out the enemies down the hallway. Open the three chests when you’re alone. One has GREEN ORBS, another has BLUE ORBS and the third has MIXED ORBS. Continue up the stairs and into the next circular room. There will be three of the boulder carrying bad guys you’ll have to take down, two at a time. Use your skills to kill them and make the gates drop.

Walk up the stairs in the center of the room and rapidly press CIRCLE to make a bridge appear. Cross it, and save your game before continuing on.

Walkthrough – The Domain of Death

Run to the edge and press CIRCLE to open the Death Gate. Walk inside and pick up THE BONDS OF ARES (Check out the Relics of the Gods section for more). Save your game again, and then grab some GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS up ahead. Throw your spear at the lanterns to the right, and then use the grapple point to swing across. When you land you’ll have to face a few Minotaurs and some other quicker enemies. Make quick work of them and drop down to the side of the platform. Climb around until you get to a few violent plants. Use Thera’s Bane to destroy them and jump over the gap.

Jump onto the ledge and climb up to the next area. Quickly take out the Harpies and open the chests with RED ORBS andGREENor BLUE ORBS. Climb the ledge to the left and kill a few more bad apples. Attack the large branch with Thera’s Bane to make it move out of the way.

Enter the building and repeat the same thing. Once the second branch is out of the way, use the grapple point to get to the other side. Climb up the wall, then run around and climb up another wall to get to the next fight.

When they’re all disposed of, pull out the large block to the right of the one with the white light. Behind it is a hidden chest with MIXED ORBS. Move the block with the light on it against the wall to the far left. Use it to help you step up to the ledge above. Open the chest ofGREENor BLUE ORBS and head to the left to save your progress. Run towards the camera for some MIXED ORBS.


Enter the Hall of Damnation and make a right. Get rid of the hounds and open the chests of GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS before heading upstairs. A couple of Cyclops’ in armor will guard the entrance, take them and their quicker friends down to open the gate.

Walkthrough – Temple of Thanatos

Climb the stairs and save your game. Take some GREEN ORBS or BLUE ORBS if you need them, and then enter the doorway to the right. Make a left to get a hidden chest with MIXED ORBS. Turn around and head the other direction, but bring the large block with you. Push it around the corner, and under the large chain. Open the chest of RED ORBS before climbing across.

Kill the enemies that get in your way, and climb all the way to the other side. Drop down and open the chest of RED ORBS. Hop back on the chain and climb up a bit, so you can jump onto the moving platform. Climb around the left side and then jump onto the next chain. Climb to the right and drop down to the balcony.

Break the half-broken door and walk inside. Open the chests full of GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS if you need them, and save the game. Slowly move down the narrow ledge on the right side as far as you can before climbing up to the ledge above it. Move as far as you can on that one too. When the large block starts rapidly moving towards you, jump towards it, and pull yourself up. Sprint towards the door on the right side before you get squished.

Take the stairs to the left and follow the path into the long corridor with four large gears. Use Thera’s Bane to destroy each gear while also fighting off the enemies. Make sure everybody is dead before trying to advance. Head back the same way you came from, through the door, up the stairs, and out to the large formerly smashing block. Push it all the way until it stops, and then open the two chests with RED ORBS on either side.

Head back a little bit, and walk down the opening to the left. At the end of the hall, open the chest with rotatingGREENor BLUE ORBS before opening the door. Walk towards the camera, and open the chest of MIXED ORBS. Equip your spear and throw it at the lantern to the left. Use the grapple points for a series of swinging jumps to get to the next area. There are more GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS up ahead, if you need them.

The ensuing fight is easily the most frustrating in the game to this point, just have patience. Never stand in the same spot for longer than a second or you’ll be toast- roll, jump, and roll some more! Use magic as much as you want, use Thera’s Bane often, and use heavy combos. If you get stunned, prepare for everybody in the room to get a shot in on you. When you get caught, rapidly press L + R to release yourself as soon as possible. Trust — You will be rapidly pressing L + R frequently. Again, have patience and don’t stop moving. Good luck.

After the fight is over, head down the hall to the left. Take the GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS at the end of the hall after you fight some skeletons. Go around the corner, past the door, and pull the lever this will open the gate at the other end of the hallway  to access two RED ORBS chest. Head over to the door, open it, and run up the stairs.

Make sure to equip the Arms of Sparta for this next section. While holding L, walk into the flame to get to the crank in the middle. Throw your spear at the gears on either side of the door to close it temporarily — The mouth and eyes will light up three times before it opens again, so move quickly.

While the door is closed, quickly turn the crank, and move the platform so it’s facing the right side. Walk over to the alcove and pick up some RED ORBS. Throw some spears at the gears again, to make the door close another time. Turn the crank so the platform is pointed all the way to the left side. To do this you will actually need to close the gate and turn the crank twice. Walk to the alcove to the left to pick up a chest of MIXED ORBS. For the final time, close the door and turn the crank, this time in the opposite direction, so the platform is pointed directly at the fire. When the door opens, walk in and climb the ledge above.

Follow the path, past the stairs to the chest with RED ORBS on the balcony. Turn around and take the stairs to the left. Open the two chests with GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS. Save your game before heading up the next set of stairs.

Open the door at the top of the stairs and head over to the tree on the left. Use Thera’s Bane to break the tree, and subsequently one of the chains. Throw a spear at the other chain to break it, and set him free.

After the short cut scene, it’s time for some brotherly love — Spartan style. Deimos is a pretty solid opponent. He has many of the same skillsets as Kratos, but lacks the refinement, and of course the magic.

After a while, he’ll grab you and tackle you over the balcony. When Thanatos comes and grabs him, chase after them. It’s time for the final showdown.

Walkthrough – Suicide Bluffs

When you land on the wall, start climbing up post haste. Destroy the rocks to the left and keep climbing. Break the rocks above you to clear the path again. As Deimos is hanging from the ledge, jump across the gap to your left. Climb onto the ceiling and continue to traverse the cliff side. Break even more rocks that are in your way, and pull your way to the top. Run over to your brother and press CIRCLE to start the mini-game. Press the appropriate buttons, as prompted, to help him up.

Follow Deimos up the stairs. On your way to the battle open the chests with GREEN ORBS and BLUE ORBS, and then save your game. Walk to the ledge and watch the cut scene.

This battle is a bit different than all of the others, because you have an ally for once. Other than that, treat this battle the same way you’ve treated the others. Use magic to cause a lot of damage, roll out of the way, and parry his attacks.

The first part of the battle will seem rather easy, so try not to waste any magic yet. When he gets a bit bigger, however, he’ll shoot projectiles at you. Luckily these can be deflected rather easily, by pressing L as it approaches. When his head is down, cause as much damage as possible.

Thanatos will change back into his original form another time. This time he’ll be a bit more formidable, and will grab hold of you easier, so beware. After a while, he’ll revert back to his bigger form again. Use the same strategy — deflect projectiles, use magic and heavy combos to cause damage. When the familiar CIRCLE is above his head, follow the on screen prompts to finish him off.

Carry your brother up the stairs to complete the game.

<The End>

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