PS4 to Last 10 Years or More According to Sony

It seems that Sony wants the PS4 to have a very long generation with the PS4, in fact, 10 years or more. Shahid Kamal Ahmad said in a tweet ‘Sony PlayStation hardware engineers and designers are incredible because their baby is designed to live for a decade or more.’ Which although some dislike the idea of a long generation, the idea that the PS4 could be still used for the next 10 years makes it feel that Sony is taking this seriously. However, the PS2 was launched in 2000 and wasn’t discontinued for almost 13 years.

Shahid Kamal Ahmad, who works at PlayStation, most notably known as ‘the guy’ to talk to if you want to bring your game to PlayStation. He and his team have helped bring titles such as Proteus, Hotline Miami and various other titles which have gathered success.

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