Dynasty Scrolls Redeem Codes June 2024

Dynasty Scrolls is a role-playing game but still attractive. Where you need to choose your favorite character and overhauled things to make your character powers significantly more grounded.  Here you are playing the role of a general commander who has to assemble your team and lead them into the battlefield and you have to give them a command on the ground. As much as you explore the world you will have to complete the following task and conquer the land, winning battles, gathering supplies, and several other missions.

What are the Dynasty Scrolls Redeem Codes?

There are a few ways to get unique free gold, ingots, arena tokens, EXP items, coins, upgrade stones, equipment chests, and other in-game rewards. You will usually be able to redeem these codes for a limited or restricted period.

As these codes are announced on multiple platforms, including the game’s social media if you don’t want to miss these codes allow the notification from gamerspective.net you will get notified whenever we release some redeem codes when we update articles.

Active Dynasty Scrolls Redeem Codes June 2024

Active Dynasty Scrolls Redeem Codes
  • doplunaryear (1 Premium Recruit Order, 3 Basic Recruit Order, 10 Ultimate EXP Tome, 200 Gold)
  • dopnewyear2022 (200 Gold, 60 Training Pills, 100,000 Coins)
  • mythichero5doe (300 Gold, 100,000 Coins, 4 Stamina Pills, 60 Upgrade Stones)
  • dopchristmas2021 (300 Gold, 100,000 Coins, 4 Stamina Pills, 60 Upgrade Stones)
  • dopchristmash5 (100 Gold, 60 Training Pills, 100,000 Coins)
  • dsbonus (300 Gold, 100,000 Coins, 8 Stamina Pills)
  • leaveyourlikes (200 Gold, 60 Training Pills, 100,000 Coins)
  • dsnerversion252 (300 Gold, 8 Stamina Pills, 100,000 Coins)
  • dsforbonus (500 Gold, 60 Training Pills, 100,000 Coins, 4 Stamina Pills)
  • dsblindbox1 (300 Gold, 100,000 Coins, 4 Stamina Pills, 60 Upgrade Stones)


  • 20draws
  • strategies
  • happyeaster
  • newversion
  • billionaire
  • haveagoodday
  • valentineday
  • billionaire
  • springfestival


You will redeem these codes from YOOZOO’s official site, Livestream, and by participating in giveaways on our site. We also plan to give away some exciting rewards of Dynasty Scrolls and many battle royal games pass, if you don’t what to miss these giveaways make sure you follow us on every social handels.

How to redeem these codes?

In order to redeem these codes you need to open the game then follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Settings button at look bottom left side of the game screen.
  2. Then click on the Exchange button beside the dynasty Gift Code.
  3. Now enter the redeem codes we provided above in the dynasty scrolls gift code section.
  4. Click on the Confirm button and your reward is added to your game immediately.

We hope you love to read our post. If you are still dealing with any issue in regards to reclaiming the code or any issue go ahead and ask in the comment section below. We try to tackle your concern as soon as possible or whenever our team reads your comment. On the off chance that you were late to reclaim

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