Midnight Racing Tokyo Codes May 2024

Midnight Racing Tokyo is a free-to-play Racing arcade-style game available on the Roblox platform. Midnight racing Tokyo has huge popularity due to its simple yet gripping gameplay. The game is widely streamed on Twitch and YouTube and has a huge fan following. The game keeps receiving new updates from its developer’s thus it always feels fresh and appealing to the gamers.

If you are looking for Midnight Racing Tokyo codes, you are in the right place. Just follow the article to unlock in-game currency.
The game Uses (YEN) currency to unlock, customize and upgrade new cars to proceed in-game.

Midnight Racing Tokyo Codes

  • New Year 2022: This code will grant you 8 million yen in Midnight Racing Tokyo.
  • sh1r4k4w4: This code will grant you rewards in Midnight Racing Tokyo.
  • secretcode: This code will grant you 100 million yen in Midnight Racing Tokyo.

Midnight Racing Tokyo Expired Codes

As of now, there are no codes available, please watch this space for the latest updates.

How to redeem Coupon code in Midnight Racing Tokyo?

How to redeem Coupon code in Midnight Racing Tokyo
  • In order to redeem the coupon code,
  • click on the home menu,
  • there should be an option for a promo code.
  • Clicking on it will open a pop-up menu.
  • Just copy and paste the coupon code there and click on submit.
  • The coupons will apply.

Why should you use these coupons?

To upgrade and purchase new cars in-game you need YEN, with the help of these coupons, you can progress faster and enjoy what the game has to offer.
The coupons provided in this article are all derived from genuine sources and can be used without the risk of getting Banned.


IS Midnight Racing Tokyo free to play?

Midnight Racing Tokyo was launched back in 2019 by ROBLOX CORPORATION. It is a free-to-play game available on the Roblox website.

IS Midnight Racing Tokyo available for PC?

Yes, Midnight Racing Tokyo is available to be downloaded for PC from the official Roblox website. To download the game, you need to GO to www.Roblox.com and create your account, search for Midnight Racing Tokyo and click download.

How to purchase a new car in Midnight Racing Tokyo?

In order to purchase a new car in the game, one must either drive to the in-game dealership or teleport to it. When in a dealership players can navigate to different cars available and make purchases using YEN(in-game currency).

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