Guardian Tales Codes – Free Gems And Gold

Looking for Guardian Tales Codes? You are in luck! Here in this article, we have compiled a list of all the latest Guardian Tales coupon Codes!

With beautiful animations, a variety of fun gameplay elements, and unique characters, Guardian Tales is one of the best mobile gacha games available. In every gacha game, you’ll need a lot of in-game currency to purchase new, stronger characters.

Here’s where we can help. There are a number of Guardian Tales promo codes on our list that can be redeemed for servers in North America, Latin America, Europe, South East Asia, and Oceania. Make sure you redeem these codes before they expire and claim your rewards as soon as possible.

What are Guardian Tales Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes are alphanumeric codes devised by the developers of Guardian Tales for in-game use. When a coupon code is redeemed, you receive a special reward, such as gems, stamina, a Level 70 Awakening Box, etc.

In the past, the developer released codes that were region-specific but now there are global codes that can be used by everyone. Most of these codes are only redeemable for a limited period of time, so don’t wait until they have expired.

It can be difficult to track codes since they are announced on several platforms, including the game’s social media. Here is a list of the Guardian Tales codes we have compiled for you.

Active Guardian Tales Coupon Codes List January 2022

The following are the Guardian Tales Coupon Codes that can be redeemed right away. They can be used on NA, EU, OC, LA, and SEA servers:

  • HAPPYNEWYEAR – [Reward: One Lv. 25 Strengthening Hammer] {Last Checked: Today}
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS – [Reward: Stamina]
  • ARECOUPONS – [Reward: Blueprints]
  • FORXMAS – [Reward: Gems]
  • ALLWEWANT – [Reward: Stone Boxes]

Bellow codes are only available on a particular region server

Guardian Tales North America & USA Server Code (NA)


Guardian Tales Europe & UK Server Coupon Code (EU)


Guardian Tales Oceania & Australia Server Promo Code (OC)


Guardian Tales Latin America Server Gift Codes

 There are no active Guardian Tales codes at the moment, check back later!

Expired Guardian Tales Coupon Codes

  • napirateking
  • nastrawhat
  • naswiftwave
  • archenemy
  • ocminicrown
  • laicysteel
  • warlord
  • laclearsalt
  • ocstrawhat
  • euvastcoat
  • WORLD12
  • D3MONS
  • eupirateking
  • android
  • naicysteel
  • Dungeon
  • laswiftwave
  • asianosysheep
  • M1R1FT
  • ocnosysheep
  • Heavenhold
  • eunosysheep
  • asiaswiftwave
  • eustrawhat
  • laminicrown
  • shenmountain
  • asiastrawhat
  • navastcoat
  • occlearsalt
  • asiaclearsalt
  • euwholethrill
  • asiapirateking
  • lavastcoat
  • naclearsalt
  • guardian123
  • lastrawhat
  • lawholethrill
  • ocpirateking
  • asiawholethrill
  • nanosysheep
  • naminicrown
  • asiavastcoat
  • ocswiftwave
  • euicysteel
  • asiaicysteel
  • TR4V3L
  • S34SON2
  • 50summongift
  • lapirateking
  • euclearsalt
  • lanosysheep
  • Bari
  • ocicysteel
  • ocvastcoat
  • asiaminicrown
  • playworld13
  • ocwholethrill
  • baywatcher
  • tales456
  • Skgrdn
  • Yuze
  • L1L1TH
  • submerge
  • euminicrown
  • euswiftwave
  • colossus
  • nawholethrill
  • nabrightarch

How Do I Redeem Guardian Tales Codes?

Guardian Tales Coupon Codes

Depending on the Android and iOS device, you can redeem Guardian Tales coupon codes differently. Please follow the instructions for your device.


  • Play Guardian Tales Game
  • At the top-right of the screen, click on the cog
  • Next to Account settings
  • And then click on Enter coupon code
  • Enter your coupon code then click on Confirm
  • and enjoy your freebie!


Unlike Android, iOS this game does not offer coupon redemption. To redeem the code, follow these steps:

  • Visit the iOS code redeem page website
  • Select your game server region
  • Go to the game and copy your user number
  • Now paste your user number
  • Now type coupon code and press submit
  • You’ll recive the goodies in your Guardian Tales inbox.

How to Get More Guardian Tales Codes?

Coupon codes are usually released by game developers. They release it on the game’s social media and official Livestream. The most recent occurred yesterday. So, if you really want some rewards, make sure to bookmark this page, and check back every once in a while.

Also, see-

Guardian Tales Codes FAQ

  1. How do you get a promo code for Guardian tales?

    Guardian Tales codes drop with every Livestream. Last Thursday was no exception. You can get them before we even have a chance to update this list by following Guardian Tales on Twitter and turning on tweet notifications.

  2. How do I get more gems in Guardian tales?

    Attendance Checks (Days 14 and 28)
    Guild Attendance Checks (Days 4 and 7)
    provide rewards for guild raids.
    various Achievements from Daily Missions.
    Coupon Codes
    Event rewards.

  3. What Rewards Do Guardian Tales Codes Give?

    Gems, coins, Hero Crystals, stacks of stamina, and Gold

About the Game

Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales

Guardian tales is an action role-playing game published in 2020 with its anime-inspired graphics and its kooky cast of quirky characters.
Developer(s): Kong Studio
Genre(c):Action RPG
Mode(s):Single-player , Multiplayer

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